Spíler Shanghai - Story

Stylish event hall with two connectable rooms in downtown Budapest



Spíler is Baltazár’s little adventurer brother, a guy as if from a Guy Ritchie movie - a ladies’ man, a joker with many stories, with style but using his fist if need be. Like James Bond mixed with Johnny Quid. Spíler was born sometime at the end of the 19th century in Budapest. This is where he founded the most iconic gastropub bearing his own name in the heart of the city.

During the 1920’s he lived in Shanghai where had a love May Li who was the daughter of Mr Wong, the head of the main Chinese crime syndicate of the time. Spíler fought against Mr Wong and his evil enterprise that shattered.

Spíler left the country with his brother’s, Baltazár, help and moved to Costa del Sol to hide out for a while… this is how Spíler Beach Club came about.

Spíler was always a real rockstar in his life. After a little recovery in the sunny beach of Marbella, he came back to Buda Hills to open open Spíler Buda, a wonderful headquarters for him and his rockstar friends. Rumours said you can even see him here sometimes.

Spíler Shanghai
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